Reiki Training – An Overview of the various levelsReiki training

Reiki training involves imparting the divine healing laws and techniques. Reiki is not complicated and can be learned by anyone. Reiki training is imparted by a Reiki Master. The Reiki training method depends on the Reiki Master and may imparted step by step. In order to become a Reiki healer, one has to receive a Reiki attunement. Reiki attunement is given by the Reiki master after the completion of each level.

Reiki Level One:

Level one of Reiki training mostly involves self healing and also healing others. It is the basic level of Reiki training. Level one of Reiki training involves topics such as the beginning of Reiki, history of Reiki, Reiki energy system, ethical Reiki healing, the five principles of Reiki healing, Reiki hand positions, performing self-healing, and performing healing for others. Level one of Reiki healing gives a strong foundation for a student aspiring to learn Reiki.

Reiki Level Two:

Level two of Reiki training involves learning the Japanese Reiki healing symbols. It also involves learning the distance Reiki healing i.e. the method for sending Reiki healing energy. Distance Reiki healing can be performed by a Reiki healer if the client is in a different location after getting the permission of the client. For clients who are unconscious, Distance Reiki healing can be given after getting permission from the higher self of the client.

Level two of the Reiki training is normally taken after a time period of 3 weeks. This is to ensure that the student has practiced the techniques of level one adequately. The proficiency of the student is vital and should be taken into account. The student should stay away from bad habits while undergoing Reiki training. The student has to practice distance healing on various clients after getting due permission.

Reiki Level Three:

The Reiki Level three A is Master practitioner training. The student receives the “Master” title and symbol after the completion of this level. But the student still cannot teach others after the completion of this level.

The next level of Reiki training is the level three Master or Teacher. The primary focus at this level is to gain the necessary skills to attune other students to the universal Reiki energy and impart Reiki training. The Master symbol is practiced at this level. The completion of this level gives the student of Reiki, the permission to train and teach Reiki to others and use the title “Reiki Master.” The Reiki training gives a person the healing power and access to the Universal Reiki healing energy.

The Reiki training should be taken with discipline and genuine interest. Reiki healing needs to be practiced with commitment to become an expert Reiki healer. Once a person receives the attunement from a Master, the Reiki energy remains accessible throughout the life. The attunement with Reiki energy gives a person the ability to heal people and thus remove their pain and suffering.

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