The Beauty of Healing CrystalsHealing crystals

Crystals are normally thought of as shining and glittering stones. Crystals are precious stones that are used by people for making jewellery and also for decorating homes. Crystals have been used since ancient times by rulers from various dynasties. Crystals were used by the royals owing to their healing and protecting properties. They were used extensively in decorating the palaces and for making jewellery such as crystal necklaces, crystal earrings, crystal rings and crystal bracelets.

Healing crystals are known for their healing power and they are known to regulate the flow of energy in the body as well as in a place. They are well known for their unique ability to clear a place of negative energy. Healing crystals are also used by energy healers to clear the negative energy accumulated in the chakras or energy centers of the body. This is popularly known as crystal healing. Healing crystals are used to heal various illnesses by correcting the energy flow. Each healing crystal possesses a unique energy field and hence no two healing crystals are same. Different healing crystals are used for different health problems.

Purchasing Healing Crystals

Crystal beads used in fashion jewelry are not the same crystals used for healing purposes. Healing crystals are much bigger in size. Healing crystals can be in the shape of a heart or circle. The healing crystals can be purchased from New Age shops. There are experts who can identify the best healing crystals and help in choosing right crystal. Having a clear understanding about the healing crystals can help in making the right purchase. However, identifying crystals requires great skill and expertise.

After buying a healing crystal, it must first be cleansed thoroughly with water. This is done to cleanse the crystal of any negative energy accumulated previously. The crystal can also be cleansed by using salt water. The crystal then has to be charged with positive energy. This is done by placing the crystal in moonlight. This increases the healing property of the crystal.

How to Heal Yourself with Healing Crystals

Healing crystals can be very useful in treating body pain such as joint and muscle pains. Healing crystals are also known to help in relieving anxiety and improving sleep. They are also known to increase immunity. Crystal healing is an alternative therapy used in treating various health conditions. The chakra healing is also another alternative therapy that uses healing crystals to correct chakra imbalances. The healing crystals are placed throughout the body to cleanse the chakras of negative diseased energy and to charge them with healthy positive energy.

Where to Place Healing Crystals at Home

Crystals possess an energy field and they transmit invisible energy. The energy emitted by the crystal clears the negative energy present in that place. Thus the crystal can cleanse the living space of negative energies. The crystal ensures a healthy energy field and thus protects the health and wellbeing of people. The crystals are normally placed in different corners of the house where there is an accumulation of negative energy. A crystal healing practitioner can help in the placement of the right crystal at the right place.

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