Get Rid of Intrusive OCD Thoughts for Complete OCD Relief

get rid of intrusive ocd thoughts

Get Rid of Intrusive OCD Thoughts:

This is an ongoing question that keeps repeating endlessly for people suffering from OCD intrusive thoughts. 

Truly, OCD thoughts inflict severe damage in the lives of people that cannot be explained in words. 

OCD intrusive thoughts mostly enter a person’s life during adolescence.  Self-doubt and guilt play a central role in the development of this disorder.

Symptoms of OCD:

The most prominent symptoms of OCD are repetitive obsessive thoughts accompanied by a crippling anxiety.  To manage this anxiety, we tend to indulge in compulsive behaviors.  At times, repetitive thought patterns disrupt our day-to-day life.

OCD affects people in different ways.  Typical symptoms of OCD in adults as well as children include checking, counting, arranging, and reassurance seeking.  People with OCD intrusive thoughts may indulge in physical or mental rituals.  Those with OCD intrusive thoughts struggle to convince their mind, which adds up to their anxiety. Let me suggest some useful books that I believe can empower you to fight back OCD. I strongly recommend this Best Seller Book to manage Intrusive Thoughts to get control over your intrusive thought patterns.

Types of OCD intrusive thoughts:

The most common types of OCD are pure obsessional OCD (Pure-O), relationship OCD (ROCD), and homosexual OCD (HOCD).

While people with OCD generally have fear of germs and have to follow elaborate cleaning rituals to get rid of anxious thoughts, those with pure obsessional OCD (Pure-O) are constantly tormented by obsessive thoughts without any compulsive behavior.

Dealing with pure o ocd:

With pure obsessional OCD (pure o ocd), one may get bombarded by obsessive thoughts that just would not stop.  Mind is filled with racing thoughts.  Those with pure obsessional OCD (pure o ocd) have intrusive irrelevant thoughts messing their minds.  I would recommend to read the following book to create your way out of Pure-O OCD.

Dealing with Relationship OCD:

Those with relationship OCD symptoms may have obsessive thoughts about their choice of relationship.  Dealing with relationship OCD can be difficult at times as people with relationship OCD thoughts are plagued by intrusive obsessive thoughts of doubt and guilt. I would recommend to read this kindle book to overcome relationship OCD.

“How do I know its HOCD:”

People with homosexual OCD (HOCD) are constantly tormented by thoughts such as “how do I know its HOCD” or “HOCD or am I in denial.”  Intrusive thoughts about their sexuality constantly fill their minds.  They just cannot convince themselves.  They visit HOCD support or HOCD help forums to get answers.  The bottom line is that anxiety constantly accompanies a person with homosexual OCD (HOCD).  If you are a person suffering from HOCD and have thoughts such as “how do I know its HOCD” and “HOCD or am I in denial”, I would recommend to read the following book.

What causes OCD:

From a psychiatric point of view, OCD runs in genes.  The neurotransmitter serotonin appears to have a role in the development of OCD.

OCD affects your physical body (brain) as well as your energy body comprising energy centers, also known as chakras.

How to get rid of intrusive OCD thoughts:

I would highly recommend Brain Lock the most comprehensive book ever to break free from OCD written by the Famous Psychiatrist, Dr.Jeffrey M. Schwartz. Get this book and practice the 4 steps mentioned in the book. Be patient with yourself.

Antidepressant medications help to manage OCD.  But, withdrawal of medications becomes a whole new challenge, the hold of which is more stronger than OCD itself.

Believe me, there is light at the end of every tunnel. 

Love and Blessings.

Note: Healing can be helpful only to manage anxiety caused by OCD and cannot treat OCD itself.. If you would like to receive healing to manage anxiety, you may opt for any of the healing options mentioned below.

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    what kind of energy healing can take away my pure o symptoms ? and how many healings will i need ?

  2. Dear Devyn,
    Our energy healing is done by healing angels. Pure O can be healed effectively with our energy healing. We need your date of birth for more precise analysis. Thanks.


    how can i get healing for pure o ocd ?

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