Energy Healing Experience of Our Bangalore Clients

The following are some healing experiences of our clients in Bangalore.  We also offer distance reiki healing for anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, fear, worry etc.

Dear Pravin,

This testimony is to acknowledge and thank power of energy healing from Ms. Indira Jayanthi and Pravin  on me and my family.

I and my family used to approach Ms. Indira Jayanthi and Pravin during any health related problem or if we need to make a decision to any problem and her directions and decision have been significant in making the correct move.

Here are a few instances where Indira Jayanthi’s energy healing powers has worked wonders for me and my family..

1.       Indira Jayanthi’s positive energy through her power of healing was able to bring a lot of clarity and enthusiasm in myself and I was able to experience this positivity during my  work in office. This helped me to sustain this positive energy for a long period of time.

2.       Also I had diarrhea due to food poisoning and after 30 minutes of her healing power, this was cured.

3.       Also my sugar levels have been restored to acceptable levels and Ms. Indira Jayanthi is trying to cure this problem permanently using her healing power which I am quite optimistic that this will happen shortly.

4.       Problems in knee and tiredness were cured through healing power for my mother

5.       Diarrhea, headache for my kids were cured through energy healing

6.       Fibroid  was removed and irregular periods were made regular through energy healing.

7.       Prediction that she made towards finalization of my wife’s brother’s marriage also got fixed as proposed(this was due for ~ 8 years) which is supposed to happen in 3 months.

To sum it up, the kind of dedication and importance that she demonstrates towards any problem in terms of regular follow-ups has been exemplary, cannot be expressed by words and this has been done with a true spirit of service with little expectations.

I would recommend anyone looking into this testimony to connect with Ms. Indira Jayanthi for any of your health problems and hear from her for her recommendations that will save a lot of your time and money.

Experience from Sriram Viswanathan who is working as a Senior Manager in Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

Dear Pravin,

I am thankful to you and your mother on helping me get rid of the problem of constipation.

My bowel movement was very erratic and uncertain from very young age I used to pass bowel very frequently and recent past it had become painful.  Off late (4 yrs) I was taking Ayurvedic Medicines for easy bowel movement.  With healing therapy I have been relieved of this chronic problem.  I am able to pass bowel without pain and also the frequency has been reduced drastically.

Thank you.

Sita, Bangalore.

Dear Pravin,

Thank you very much for giving me distant healing on  Friday 24th april. I had severe back pain and I was almost in tears as I could not put a step ahead in the NLP class and worrying  how to go home that evening. I was not sure if I would be able to come to the class the next day and the next week to complete the NLP course. After I told you about the pain, within half an hour I felt relief and after an hour I felt absolutely fine. I was able to come to the class the next day and also the next week and completed the NLP course successfully. Its absolutely due to you and your healing that I am PAINFREE and in good health now.
Thanks & Regards

Ramgopal, Bangalore.

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    God Bless you all for the Nobel Service you are rendering to the needy people of “Planet Earth”.

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