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Dear Pravin,
Thank you very much for giving me distant healing on  Friday 24th april. I had severe back pain and I was almost in tears as I could not put a step ahead in the NLP class and worrying  how to go home that evening. I was not sure if I would be able to come to the class the next day and the next week to complete the NLP course. After I told you about the pain, within half an hour I felt relief and after an hour I felt absolutely fine. I was able to come to the class the next day and also the next week and completed the NLP course successfully. Its absolutely due to you and your healing that I am PAINFREE and in good health now.
Thanks & Regards

Ramgopal Patyam Financial Consultant, Bank Manager (Retd), Bangalore, India May 4, 2015

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Dear Pravin,

 I am thankful to you and your mother on helping me get rid of the problem of constipation.

 My bowel movement was very erratic and uncertain from very young age I used to pass bowel very frequently and recent past it had become painful.  Off late (4 yrs) I was taking Ayurvedic Medicines for easy bowel movement.  With healing therapy I have been relieved of this chronic problem.  I am able to pass bowel without pain and also the frequency has been reduced drastically.

 Thank you.

Sita Bangalore May 12, 2015

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Sriram Viswanathan Senior Manager, Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, India August 3, 2015

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    Hi, Recently I’d couple of remote sessions with M/S Indira J. for my family and I found the sessions to be very effective and useful. I am happy that I came across her and she was able look into the issue. I would highly recommend Indira J. and would like to say thank u for my process, it made a difference.


    I had alot of financial stress and anxiety that was completely ruining me and emotionaly overwhelming me. After the deep distance reiki session the anxiety left and I was able to do my job without this anxiety hanging over my head. This really works!

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